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Thank you for your support at the Cowboy Cookout 20th Anniversary Celebration! 
Heidi Potter: Holistic Trail Riders Retreat on Mackinac Island

September 14th - September 16th

Retreat for a weekend to island paradise on the great lakes. Ride along the shores of Lake Huron and unwind to a watercolor painted sunset on horseback. Discover the famous “Crack in the island” trail or ride to the unique rock formations around the island; Sugar Loaf Rock, and Arch Rock. Take a carriage ride to Fort Mackinac and delight in afternoon tea overlooking the harbor…

Mackinac Horsemen’s Association is pleased to offer a unique retreat experience for our 2018 clients. Explore the beauty of Mackinac Island while becoming in-tune and educated on the profound relationship shared between human and horse.

Genesee County 4-H Club 2nd Annual Mackinac Island Horse Show

September 22nd & September 23rd

Genesee County 4-H Club will be hosting their second Annual Horse Show on Mackinac Island! Classes will be held at the Mackinac Community Equestrian Center on Saturday.  Classes will include English, Western, Speed, Jumping, and fun classes. There  will be an island Scavenger  Hunt on Sunday. This will afford riders the ability to compete and also see the beauty and historical markers of the island. Both days are no show clothing!  Ages 6 and up welcome.

If your dream is to ride on Mackinac Island, we have the weekend for you!  All 4-H rules apply!

Please contact us at 906.847.8034 for more information, or visit the show's Facebook page.

Best of America by Horseback

September 28th - September 30th

In honor of 20 years as Mackinac Horsemen’s Association, we are happy to announce we will be hosting Best of America by Horseback for a weekend celebration of riding on Mackinac Island. Join us September 28th- September 30th for a filmed ride across Mackinac Island.

Enjoy a weekend full of riding on the beautiful shores of the great lakes with the Best of America show hosts Tom Seay and Kristen Biscoe.

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