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A Note to our Customers

We are not responsible for any reservations with entities other than the Mackinac Horsemen's Association. We offer suggestions and recommendations on hotels and ferry transport ONLY.  Due to the Great Lakes weather, ferry transport may be canceled for horses during your travel dates. If canceled, MHA is happy to hold your reservation for a future date of your choice. No refunds will be given due to bad or windy weather. We recommend that you reserve your hotel and ferry accommodations AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to eliminate any travel issues.

The Starline Ferry Service(Mackinac Island Ferry Co.) schedule for getting your horse to and from the island (walk-on) is as follows:

  • No horse boats on Saturdays or Sundays.

  • Horse boat coming to the island is at 11:30am (subject to change)

  • Horse boat leaving the island is at 1:00pm (subject to change)

Please plan accordingly. The surcharge for boats outside these times is $600.

Contact Arnold Freight Co. for the barge schedule and cost for bringing your trailer over with horses.

Please note that we only have 5 stalls available for short-term boarding, if your party requires more space, please contact our facility before beginning the booking process as we might not have enough room for more than 5 horses. Due to our limited space, paddocks are not available to short-term boarders. 

Only boarding reservations paid online will be considered booked. Please do not send in a check to book your boarding reservation.

Please note that these dates are unavailable to book due to other events hosted at our facility:

May 23-28

June 2-7

June 16-21

June 22-23

June 26-27

July 15-19

July 20-21

August 10-11

August 16-17

September 14-15

September 19-24

September 26-30

October 3- May of 2025

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