Mackinac Horsemen’s Association strives to build positive, confident, and trusting relationships between horse and human. We believe this is integral to the growth and development of equestrians while also nurturing the values of Mackinac Island. We promote this through our lesson program, 4H program, on site clinics, shows, demonstrations, and our Lease-A-Horse program.

Each horse in our program serves a portion of the Mackinac Horsemen’s Association Mission Statement and offers the opportunity for skill improvement. Lesson horses range in size and ability, and are school masters in their discipline.  These horses have been carefully selected to sustain a flourishing lesson program and create a valuable learning experience for our students.

Our lesson program is founded on proper horsemanship, use of aids, and safety for riders. We believe it is essential that our students have the proper tools and skills to build a trusting and confident relationship with their horse. Lessons range from beginner to intermediate/advanced and we focus on both English and Western Dressage. Here at Mackinac Horsemen’s Association each rider is given one on one attention and is started from the basics to provide a firm foundation in their experience as an equestrian. 

Scroll over the photos below to learn more about our horses!


Breed: Haflinger Pony

Color: Chestnut

Height: 12 Hands

Birth year: 1992

Favorite Hobby: Eating


Blaze is an island favorite. He is a school master in both driving and riding. He is a great pony for our beginner riders and young horse enthusiasts who are new to equestrian sports.


Breed: Fell / Pinto Cross

Color: Black and White

Height: 13.3 Hands

Birth year: 2010

Favorite Hobby: Playing in the paddock

Commander comes to MHA as a use-lease mount. He is utilized in lessons and 4h. Commander is great for riders who wish to work on their leg aides and suppleness of the bit. He is trained in dressage.


Breed: Welsh Cross

Color: Bay

Height: 12.3 Hands

Birth year: 2001

Favorite Hobby: Eating Carrots


Chester is a bombproof lesson horse. He came from Dressage background and was used as a lesson pony for a number of years. Chester loves being groomed  and is new addition for our youth riders.


Breed: Morgan / Welsh Cross

Color: Bay

Height: 14.2 Hands

Birth year: 1995

Favorite Hobby: Eating


Fiona is a superb lesson horse, trail mount, and jumper for beginners. She is very forgiving and teaches her riders confidence and trust.


Breed: Morgan

Color: Black

Height: 15 Hands

Birth year: 2003

Favorite Hobby: Sleeping


Marco is a great mount for riders who enjoy building a relationship with their horse partner. Marco is versatile and can be utilized as a driving horse as well.