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If you are a new to the Island, we strongly suggest you first visit the Island first without your horse. This will allow you to understand the Island’s unique set of horsey challenges (bikes, carriages, crowds, noise). Please check out our Bringing Your Horse to Mackinac Island guidelines to help you prepare properly for your visit. We recommend making reservations for your rooms first, then your horse stall(s), and the horse ferry, well in advance.

Board Your Horse at the Mackinac Community Equestrian Center


Horseback riding on Mackinac Island is an incredible experience! Here at the Mackinac Island Community Equestrian Center, we provide both long and short term boarding. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate Miniature Horses or Mules at our facility.

     Short Term Board is $75 per horse per night.      Long Term Board is $650.00 per month(minimum  30 day).


Short Term Board includes:                                                                                       

  • Hay, three times per day

  • Supplements and grain provided by owner

  • Access to fresh water 24/7

  • Stall cleaning once per day

  • Use of large outdoor arena

  • Use of wash rack

  • Space for storing tack

  • Restrooms

  • Guided tour of facility

  • Map of Mackinac Trails

  • Access to over 70+ miles of trails

Required Documents & Records


Owners MUST provide the following before they can load their horses on to the ferry to Mackinac Island:

  • A negative Coggins that is current

  • Proof of Rabies vaccination (within 1 year of arrival)

  • Proof of EHV-1 vaccination (within 1 year and 30 days prior to arrival)

  • Proof of Strangles vaccination (within 1 year, and 30 days prior to arrival)

  • Proof of Tetanus

  • Proof of Western/Eastern Equine Encephalitis 

  • Proof of West Nile

  • Proof of all other vaccinations given

  • 30-day health certificate for out-of-state horses which must be signed by a veterinarian stating your horse is free of contagious disease

  • Signed Waiver and Release Form

  • Signed Stable Rules

These documents must be emailed to us 30 days prior to your arrival. Please have your veterinarian contact us with any discrepancies to the vaccination list. All are requirements are for the protection of the almost 500 horses that work and live on this island, as well as your horses, and those who visit our island.

Please email all forms to with reserved dates, your name, and your horses name. 

Rules While Riding on Mackinac Island

For the preservation of this island and the safety of other horses and the general public. Please note that if any of these rules are broken, the city is subjected to remove you and your horse from the island immediately:

  • Do not tie your horses ANYWHERE on the island, if you must dismount, you must hold your horse while outside our facility

  • Always pass other horses/bikes/people per the standard of traffic (left shoulder to left shoulder)

  • Only walk/trot is allowed on the pavement

  • Riding horses are not allowed downtown unless accompanied or given permission by stable staff

  • Keep all horses off all grass outside of our facility

  • Keep your horse on designated paths/roads allowed for horses

  • No swimming/walking on the beach next to the Cannonball Momument at British Landing 

  • Horses are not permitted inside any historical sites/buildings 

  • Be respectful of other horses working on the road with you

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