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We ask that you consider the countless intangible benefits derived from horsemanship experiences. We are determined to provide a means for children and adults to encounter horses so that they will have the opportunity to ride and learn about horsemanship. We are extremely thankful for partners like you that ensure that riding, driving, and caring for horses is an integral part of our community and the Mackinac experience.

We appreciate your contribution. Regardless of the amount, your gift to the MHA will be of great benefit to the Mackinac community and visitors.


The Mackinac Horsemen’s Association is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Your donation, whether financial or in-kind, is tax deductible to the extent that the law allows. Thank you for your support!

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                             Mackinac Island Community Foundation
                   Mackinac Community Equestrian Center Fund

                                                       You may also donate through the Mackinac Island Community Foundation.

                                                             Learn more about the MCEC Fund and donate through their website.

      Thank you to our Members, Donors & Sponsors...
    We would not be where we are without you! Thank you for your continued support.

Paul & Maryanke Alexander

Susan C. Allen

Amazon Smile

Diane & Butch Babcock

Brian & Jeri-Lynn Bailey

John & Penny Barr

Sue Bellinger

Judie Bennett

Larry & Kay Berke

Judith Bishop

Albert & Diane Boyce

Joe & Diane Brandonisio

Dennis & Cynthia Cawthorne

City of Mackinac Island

Bob Clogg

Gary & Martha Cousino

Kimberly A. Crane

Stephanie Crane

Maeve Croghan

Melissa Croghan

Ashley Day

Jack & Marge Day

Olivia Deetzman

Jack Dehring

Jeff & Christi Dupre

Cindy Edema

Deb Egan

Kelli J. Elrod

Douglas Fairbanks

David & Kris Faulk


Carol Fradette

Don & Nancy Gaines

Elizabeth Gierman

Ginop Sales, Inc.

George & Judith Goodman

Jim Groat

Joseph & Sharon Growney

Matt & Tracy Growney

John & Joanne Gully

Jennifer Gurman

Thom Hadfield

Steve & Jane Hall

Stephen & Mary Anne Harper

Greg & Margo Hessler

Monica Hessler

Donald Hinman

Kelly Huessner

Bart & Nina Huthwaite

Cindy Idema

Ryan & Amy Irish

Island Electric

Frank Kelley

Nancy & Larry Keogh

Matt & Jennifer Kipper

David & Ann Levy

Tom & Annie Lockwood

Ursula Long

Long Law Office, PA

Mackinac Island Carriage Tours

Mackinac Island Comm. Foundation

Mackinac Island Cottager's Assoc.

Mackinac Island D.P.W.

Mackinac Island Service Co.

Mackinac State Historic Parks

Richard & Jane Manoogian Foundation

Abby Martin

Sean & Heather Martin

Tom & Sheri McCurley

Stephanie McGreevy

Erin McKay

Timothy & Nancy McKay

Patrick & Stephanie McManus

Lori S. Minka

Rachel Misentzis

Ron & Patty Morden

Ben Mosley

Katie &  Matt Novakoski

Karen O'Dell

Shaylyn O'Keefe

Chuck & Karen Olson

Debra Orr

Sandra Orr

Billie Pellerito

Lisa Brock & Pete Pellerito

Chuck & Katie Pereny

Phillips Family

Sherri & Tim Plutchak

Phil & Val Porter

Cheryl Putnam

Charles & Cordie Puttkammer

Nancy Puttkammer

Kathryn L. Rado

Robert & Susan Raisch

Sharon & Kevin Ramon

Doug & Carol Rearick

Cheryl Rice

Larry & Kathleen Rickley

Steve & Julie Rilenge

Jim Cretcher & Judy Robinson


Tim & Martha Shea

Shepler's Ferry

David & Lin Sheppard

Larry Siefken

Sandra Simmons

Ginny Smoot

Robert & Loretta Spitzer

Jane St. Onge

Edmund & Linda Sternberg

Randy & Michelle Stuck

Bart & Laurie Stupak

In Memory of Harriet Terwilliger

Clayton Timmons

Marta Amelia Timmons

Sherry Veilie

Peeranut Visetsuth

Tim & Karen Waite

Lauren & Vic Walsh/Radecki

Lauren Watson

Wawashkamo Golf Course

Jamie & Kristen Wildman

Carrie Will

Jane Winston

Jan Wylie

James Yates

Michael & Wendy Young

And anyone else who lent a hand, said a kind word, recommended a program, or supported Mackinac Horsemen’s Association in some other way.

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