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Please contact us at to discuss our lease program options.

Mackinac Island 4-H Horse Club families will have first consideration for lease programs. The horse leases will be available on a first come first serve basis.

MHA Lease-a-Horse Program 

In consideration for the use of a lesson horse provided by MHA, your all inclusive fee, which includes the use of a horse*, regular scheduled shoeing, a stall for the horse, feeding twice daily, water, pasture turnout, stall bedding and stall cleaning for the term of the lease. You will pay the cost of any extra amenities (shampoo, fly spray, hoof oil, etc.). The horse will be stabled at the Mackinac Community Equestrian Center (MCEC). MHA will also provide a place for the storage of Lessee's tack. During the term of this agreement MHA may use the leased horse for the MCEC/4H lesson programs for up to 14 scheduled hours per week. Use of the leased horse is limited to immediate family members only. All family members will need to take an orientation, review all MCEC Rules and policies and take an on-site check ride prior to taking leased horse off site.


MHA Share-a-Lease Program 

The Share-a-Lease program follows the same considerations as the Lease-a-Horse program except you will be sharing the horse with another person/family. This involves good communication skills and the understanding that you are sharing this horse. The horse is scheduled 14 hours per week for the MCEC/4-H lesson programs.  Lease horse will be assigned by the MCEC Program Director for each person/family based on orientation and riding evaluation.  Immediate family members are parents, grandparents, guardians and siblings only. All MCEC rules and policies will be enforced for all participants.

Above: Stephanie Crane (Miyakoshi) on Scarlett. French Lane, Mackinac Island, 1982. Right: Brandon Crane Miyakoshi on Sherlock. MCEC, Mackinac Island, 2013.

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