From the late 1700s through the mid 1800s the Early/Dousman farm produced vegetables, grain and hay for Fort Mackinac and the village. There was also a distillery, a horse-mill and pasture for cows and work animals. The farmhouse was located just northeast of the Battle of Mackinac historical marker on British Landing Road. The Mackinac Community Equestrian Center is proudly located on a portion of this historic farm.


As a non-profit organization, the Mackinac Horsemen's Association depends on the support and generosity of individuals, foundations and business to achieve our mission to preserve and protect Mackinac's horse culture and operate the Mackinac Community Equestrian Center.

Best of America by Horseback came to Mackinac Island to ride the trails with MHA and view the beautiful sites of Mackinac State Historic Parks. Watch this special two part episode!

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Part Two

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