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Friday, September 14th - Sunday, September 16th, 2018


Mackinac Horsemen’s Association is pleased to offer a unique three day clinic experience for our 2018 clients. Explore the beauty of Mackinac Island while becoming in-tune and educated on the profound relationship shared between human and horse.

Retreat for a weekend to island paradise on the great lakes! Ride along the shores of Lake Huron and unwind to a watercolor painted sunset on horseback. Discover the famous “Crack in the island” trail or ride to the unique rock formations around the island, Sugar Loaf Rock, and Arch Rock. Take a carriage ride to Fort Mackinac and delight in afternoon tea overlooking the harbor…

Meet our Clinician Heidi Potter

Heidi Potter, a Centered Riding Clinician, Holistic Horsemanship trainer and Horse Speak Apprentice combines clear, gentle training techniques with Centered Riding® basics and philosophies for riders of all levels, from pleasure trail riders to accomplished competitors. Learn more about Heidi and her methodologies by visiting her website at


The retreat on Mackinac Island offers a well-rounded program providing participants the opportunity to improve their understanding of the horse. Through various exercises and workshops, participants will delve into skills that are integral for success in every situation with their equine partner. Confidence, comfort and communication as well as building a thriving relationship between the human and horse partner will be explored.


We invite you to come and experience Mackinac Island. Develop techniques and explore new insights that will lead you to a safer, more trusting, mutually respectful and enjoyable relationship with horses.

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Sample of Workshop Topics:

  • Centered Riding basics of Soft Eyes, Breathing, Balance and Centering to help release tensions, increase strength, improve clarity and re-balance the mind & body.

  • Self-awareness and mindfulness techniques designed to improve body language and communication on the ground and under saddle.

  • Lessons in equine psychology that will help lead you to a deeper understanding of why horses do what they do and how we affect them mentally, physically and emotionally.

  • How to use energy to communicate with the horse in the most subtle way possible.

  • How Positive Reinforcement Training can be used to change undesirable behaviors.

Liberty & In-Hand Exercises:

  • These workshops will combine Heidi’s holistic horsemanship practice and the equine translation techniques of Sharon's Wilsie, the founder and author of Horse Speak (

  • Participants will learn how to better understand and converse meaningfully with the horse, primarily using breath, energy, clarity of movement and the most subtle of cues.

 Improve Riding, in the Ring and on Trail:

  • Learn how the CR basics will help you and your horse become more relaxed, better balanced and to ride in truer harmony.

  • Practice exercises designed to release tension, increase comfort and improve
    communication for both you and the horse.

  • Discover how to ride with a more sensitive “feel” on the reins allowing for softness and ease of movement in the horse.

For more information about the event location and Mackinac Island, please contact us at

or 906.847.8034.

For clinic registration, please contact Heidi directly at

Host Charges

$225 per participant

Includes Home style Meet & Greet the first evening on the island

use of horses during 3-day clinic, trail rides,  and lunches

3-Day Workshop Intensive

Days: Friday September 14th - Sunday September 16th
Time: Sessions begin at 9:00 AM
Educational Workshops: 9:00am-10:30am (times vary slightly by day)
Herd Observation/Liberty/Groundwork: 10:45- 12:15 (times vary slightly by day)
Riding: afternoons / Full day & Half day trail rides

Auditing is available: Friday 10:00-11:00 and 2-5:00 & Saturday 10-45-12:15 and 2-5:00

Mackinac Island

Visit to see all that Mackinac Island offers its visitors. While you are enjoying your horse adventures your guest/s can choose to venture out or simply relax .

Travel Arrangement Information

(Cancellation Policy: Cancellation up to 60 days prior to the event start date results in a 50% refund, There are no refunds for a cancellation 60 days or less before the event start date.)


“Heidi’s clinic was probably the most informative and in depth clinic that I have ever participated in. I have found a new understanding of the relationship between my horse, my body and my riding.”

“Thank you so much for teaching last weekend’s clinic. I enjoyed it very much and got a lot of enlightenment! I had a long solitary ride with my Palomino Rocky mare yesterday evening in the woods of Connecticut. I concentrated on what you taught us and applied some of the visualization exercises described in Sally's book. I am so happy with the result! I got an amazing connection with her. I managed to control the speed and I was not using the bit at all. (I am waiting for a softer bit that I ordered) We worked on calmness and relaxation (for both of us). Thank you so much again for your help.”

“Thanks so much for the clinic. I felt like it was a 3 day retreat in that the focus was primarily on the rider! Jam packed with exercises to experience release of tension and awareness of posture, centering, etc. I'm all about connecting with my quiet self and BREATHING now...certain my horse will benefit. Thanks again. I imagine Sally Swift was an incredible mentor.”

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For more information, please contact us at or 906.847.8034.

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